Reasons To Align Your Machines

Machine alignment is an intricate part of a proactive maintenance program. Without proper alignment, thousands of machines die out every year. One of the most common damages that occurs due to misalignment is coupling damage. Misalignment can also lead to an increase in friction with the bearing surface, which can lead to more wear, increased energy consumption, and finally machine breakdown. If we leave the machine without alignment for a long time, the shaft may get damaged and a simple replacement or small repair work won’t be enough to fix the issue.

Most of the time we tend to blame faulty seals or inappropriate installation of bearing for the machine failure. But we fail to address the root cause of the issue-misalignment. If we are making machine alignment at the right time, you can save the money that you will need to repair or replace the complete machine.

consumption of materials

But at times, even after our maintenance professional tells us that it is time to get a machine alignment, we tend to ignore it. And the major reason for overlooking the misalignment issue is that we do not know its benefits. You can look into this guide to understand the various reasons for aligning your machines.

The best investment you can make for the environment


One of the most obvious benefits of aligning your machine is that it will save energy. But along with conserving energy, you will also reduce repair work, hence reducing the replacement parts. When the requirement for replacement parts is reduced, this will, in turn, reduce the energy needed for manufacturing and shipping the parts. This will lead to a reduction in the consumption of materials, which can contribute a lot to the environment.

Optimize the production process and reduction of waste

All the machines need to be aligned from time to time. If they are not aligned, they will generate faulty parts that either need to be repaired or to be replaced. Both of these processes are time-consuming and will reduce the speed of your production process. And instead of repairing, if you decide to throw away the part, then you are generating waste.

Increase longevity and quality of the product

Increase longevity and quality

If you are not aligning your machine, it can lead to damages like wearing out of seals, which can lead to unnecessary and highly costly expenses.

Improve work environment

When machines are aligned properly, it will reduce leakage and vibrations. Leakage in a pump can lead to workers getting exposed to harmful liquids. With a proper alignment, you can also reduce the vibration, which will reduce the noise to a level, thus creating a better work environment.

So, do machine alignment from time to time to save energy and cost, and improve machine life.